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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  February 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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bottom of the hour now. welcome back, everyone, i'm susan hendricks. randi and victor are off today. here are the five stories we're watching this morning. first, a nurse is suing a michigan hospital because it followed a man's request to have no african-americans involved in his child's medical care. they put a note saying this, no african-american nurses per dad's request on the child's medical chart. and then reassigned her away from the child's care. the hospital has not responded
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to cnn's request for comment. number two, jesse jackson jr. now admits he used campaign funds for personal expenses. the former congressman reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors. jackson and his wife were accused of using around $750,000 from his campaign on things like furs, michael jackson memorabilia, and $43,000 for a watch. a rollex. they will pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars and still could face time in prison. number three, and check this outen the right-hand side of your screen, a small fire ball over san francisco caught on tape. what was it? well, it's kind of scary if you think about the meteor that exploded over russia this week. but no such blast happened over the golden gate. number four, more details on the death of renegade cop christopher dorner. according to initial autopsy reports, the 33-year-old died from a single gun shot wound to the head that was likely self-inflicted after tuesday's standoff with police. dorner's being blamed for
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killing four people and injuring at least three others as part of a vendetta against his former comrades. and number five, the bail hearing for olympic track star has been pushed back until tuesday. until then, he will be staying in a south african jail. the double amputee known as blade runner is charged with murdering his model girlfriend on valentine's day. his agent says pistorius denies the murder allegations. well, police have said there were other incidents at the pistorius' home of a domestic nature. and now prosecutors are saying they will pursue premeditated murder. i asked hln's jane velez-mitchell about that. >> well, premeditation could be an outright plot, or it could be premeditation in the blink of an eye. we are hearing that reeva was shot four times. so is that where they're making the case for premeditation? that he had the opportunity to stop after shooting her once -- one shot was in the hand reportedly. and then if he continues, does
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that constitute premeditation? we don't have all the facts and we know from his management company that he is strongly disputing that he murdered her. but an ominous portrait is emerging. according to cops, there were only two people in the home. oscar and reeva, neighbors heard shouting before the shooting and, according to police, there were previous incidents of a domestic nature. and the final thing, susan, in 2009, he was accused of assault even though the charges were dropped. he apparently slammed the door so hard that a piece of it fell off, that also involved a female. does he have a temper problem specific lip whally when it com women? >> oscar rejects the murder allegation, quote, in the strongest terms here. but it seems as though it's another -- if he is guilty of this crime -- athlete fall from grace. do you think there was one oscar at home and another one in the public eye? we've seen this before. >> well, fascinating you should say that. i just talked to a couple of
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people who worked with oscar and called him the most charming, gracious, soft spoken, beautiful man. but what happens in life is that people often present -- it's called reaction formation, the opposite of what they are as a smoke screen. did he have a temper of behind closed doors? did he have a problem with women? and, of course, the other possibility which has been floated in south africa is that there are such a high crime rate and he's spoken publicly and tweeted about his fear of intruders, that we know that he was a person who liked to shoot guns and had been to a gun range in the past several times. and that perhaps he thought there was an intruder in the house and shot her by accident. that would be the best-case scenario for him at this point. >> and he was breaking down in court sobbing and shaking. jane, do you think it finally set in with him what happened. that he's finally coming to and realizing his girlfriend, is, in
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fact, dead at his hands? >> this is one of the most extraordinary falls from grace in recent years. i mean, this makes the tiger woods scandal look like a tea party. this is somebody who goes from being an international icon and an inspiration to everyone who has ever overcome any kind of adversity to someone accused of the most heinous hideous act imaginable. it's just a complete change of story line from a hero to an alleged monster. >> and this happened on valentine's day. and it's so sad. his girlfriend reeva was tweeting how she was excited for valentine's day. do you think passion will come up on the prosecution side? >> well, look, we don't have all the facts, but human nature, often, the story lines are pretty predictable. she's tweeting the day before valentine's day that her boo, boyfriend, oscar, made -- they're getting along fine and
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some time before 3:00 in the morning, neighbors hear shouting. and according to a newspaper in africa that she may have gone into the bathroom. that these shots may have gone through the bathroom door, four shots. so did they have a fight as many women do? did she lock herself in the bathroom? he says come out and she p won't and then boom, boom, boom right there the bathroom door? that's a possibility. domestic incidents are -- they fall in a very narrow range. it's an argument that gets out of control and there's a gun handy and next thing you know, somebody's dead. >> and you can watch jane velez-mitchell weeknights at 7:00 p.m. eastern on our sister network hln. well, beyonce's tell-all documentary premieres tonight. but if you can't wait, we're going to tell you how to get a sneak peek. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that.
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welcome back. singer chris brown and drake, they are facing off in court over a nightclub brawl in new york city. tmz is reporting brown and drake have filed lawsuits in connection with a fight at new york city's w.i.p. nightclub last june. well, there's a suit against both singers for injuries he says he sustained during that fight. neither brown nor drake is accepting responsibility for it. they want a judge to make the decision who will pay if julian wins the lawsuit. beyonce's hbo documentary "life is but a dream" premieres tonight 9:00 eastern time. but if you can't wait, oprah has a sneak peek an hour earlier. in the exclusive interview with
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the queen of talk, she talks to beyonce and gets her to open up about her career, her marriage to rapper jay-z, and how large their family could get. that airs tonight 8:00 eastern on own. now for more entertainment news for you, take a listen. ♪ that is lady gaga, of course, live in concert. something thousands of her little monsters won't see any time soon, though. the superstar shocked fans this week cancelling her born tour this fall. in a series of tweets, she explained she can't even walk and apologized, quote, it will hopefully heal as soon as possible. i hate this, i hate this so much. i love you and i'm sorry. the senior editor at "in touch weekly." great to talk to you both. >> great to be here. >> love the dress and the shoes, by the way. >> thank you so much. >> let's start with lady gaga.
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she wasn't moving as she normally does. >> right. >> it takes a lot, it would seem, to keep her away from her fans. >> it takes a lot. remember, she was in embarrabar threw up four times and kept going. i understand this, but this is god's way of saying, take a break. it's been two years. >> take a rest. >> yes, yes. >> why do you think she kept her injury a secret for the last few months? do you think she was trying to heal on her own and not talk about it? >> sure. i think that she just wanted to push through it. look at the way she lives her life. look at her career, ethic, she is such a hard worker. i think partially because of that. partially because of her fans. every musician loves her fans, but with lady gaga, you get a sense she's so emotionally committed to her fans, more so than almost any other musician. she really gets that strength from her fans. i really think she did not want to disappoint her fans, disappoint her employees.
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and there's the money aspect too. i think she wanted to push through and make it through these next 20 concerts. >> speaking of another superstar on the topic. beyonce's documentary "life is but a dream" premieres tonight. she addresses controversies like the rumor that she faked her pregnancy. what are you expecting to see tonight? >> i love beyonce. and tonight we're going to realize that beyonce's a human being. people do not want to look at beyonce as a regular woman. that's why they thought she faked her pregnancy. and we're going to learn tonight she's emotional, she cries, shares details about her miscarriage. talk about her relationship with her father. i can't wait to watch it. >> i never understood that. faking a pregnancy. >> because people look at beyonce again like a robot. it's hard to -- she's been very good at keeping her personal life secretive, which i can respect fher for that. this was a woman working hard, very, very hard and they can't look at her as a human being,
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but tonight they're going to do that. >> how can this be objective people are wondering if it was directed by beyonce? what do you think? >> well, that just adds to the mystery and the amazingness of beyonce. the fact that she can pick up the phone and call the president. pick up the phone and call oprah, direct her own documentary, be a mother, be married to jay-z, perform at the super bowl, perform at the inauguration. she does it all and just going to what you were just saying, that's why maybe people think she's a robot because she's so perfect in so many ways. she does it all. and that's why people are fascinated with her. it's too bad we haven't heard from her in the past few weeks. no publicity leading up to this documentary. >> you can't fake talent and i believe she's a class act. >> she is. >> now we're talking about the silver screen and bruce willis back to the box office with a vengeance this week with the second highest grossing film of the week, with his new diehard installment. he looks great bald, doesn't he? he doesn't age. >> what is he drinking? what is he working out? i need the regimen, he's
4:46 am
amazing. >> the franchise keeps making money, are you surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised. we are in love with john. and this is a movie that's going to gross money. as long as he survives at the end of the movie, we should always anticipate another one. >> my favorite is "sixth sense." i see dead people. >> i like the first diehard the most. >> i do. that's a good one. >> yes. >> kim, bruce willis and the franchise ended the line for the 80s action star. sly stallone's bombed in theaters, but give these guys a break, right? >> yeah, and you know what? they're working on expendables 3, so you're going to see all those action stars together again. there's a "rambo v" out there. we are going to keep watching they keep making money. people want to see them. so you like seeing these old action stars you remember from maybe going to see it when you were in high school. and these guys really like doing it.
4:47 am
and it's nice there's kind of like a tongue in cheek aspect of it too. they know they're kind of reliving these movies and people love watching them. why not? make them if people are going to watch them. >> wasn't there like a "jaws viii"? >> they can keep going. >> great to talk to you. >> thank you. well, ahead, can fashion's bad boy john galliano, a designer, can he make a comeback and a redemption after a public rant that got a conviction? i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this week on the next list, meet ed lue he's building a space telescope. he says it's going to protect the earth from asteroids. >> this is the sentinel space telescope. >> that's it? and that's basically the size of it there? >> yeah, the real one is about the size of a delivery truck. it's about 23, 24 feet tall.
4:48 am
and about 2,600 pounds. >> and it is going to scan earth's orbit multiple times and map all the asteroids across earth's orbit because those are the asteroids that could hit. >> it's going to track 500,000 asteroids, each month it's going to discover about 10,000 asteroids. >> each month? >> yes. >> which is more than all other telescopes throughout history have combined to discover. it'll do that every month. >> watch more on former nasa astronaut ed lue and his urgent mission to save planet earth. this sunday on the next list. with so much competition,
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he has been called the wild child of british fashion. john galliano trying to get back into fashion's good graces after being fired from christian dior for an apparent drunken anti-semitic rant. now he's at the center of a whole new controversy and, yes, it has to do with what he's wearing. let's go to
4:52 am
people i represent. >> all the more stinging because galliano, in fashion for being a true original is now equally known for this. cell phone video the a cafe in paris that ultimately got him fired from his job as top designer at christian dior. he was also found guilty of making anti-semitic comments by a french court. that was 2011. since then, galliano largely has
4:53 am
been out of the spotlight until january, when oscar de la renta invited galliano into his studio for a throw-week residency, seen in a fashion industry as a way to testify the waters and ask the question, is the public ready to forgive? at de la renta show this week the clothes on the runway clearly had galliano's influence. what was not known until now is the disgraced designer has been on a path to redemption, meeting privately with top jewish leaders. >> i think he's still on the pilgrimage. >> the national director of the anti-defamation league and says for the past year and a half he has personally met with galliano five times. >> i said, do you know to say to a jew my hero is hitler what it means? he says now i do, but when i was
4:54 am
drunk it just came out. >> do you like him? >> i've grown to like him. when he first came to visit, the security wasn't -- he was in such a way that they said, you're not coming to see him. >> that's because he was dressed like this look familiar? his spokeswoman says john has worn big hats and long coats for many, many years. i can assure you there was no intent to insult jewish culture. >> this is john galliano being john galliano. this is a fragile human being. why go after him? this can destroy him. >> foxman says galliano told him he wants to go israel, even auschwitz, meet with survivors and understand how insulting he was. he e-mail galliano with a message, r not alone. whether he will ever have a career again for a top designer for a big fashion house is not
4:55 am
yet known. some in the industry say they're still not ready to forgive and, susan, they say they will never forget. susan? >> thanks so much, alina. new york fashion week has just wrapped up. you can stay on top of the trends. fashion backstage pass with alina cho. tv station broadcasts a warning that the zombies are coming. hacker place a breprank that se some viewers into a panic. you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain.
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a sea turtle in japan is swimming happily ever after, after being fit with a pair of prosthetic flippers. biologists have spept the last four years trying to build her a
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replacement pair. well, it worked. this was their 27th attempt to give the turtle new limbs. they are the perfect fit, attached to a vest that slips over her head. pretty neat, isn't it? montana tv station says hackers broke into their system and aired a warning that dead are rising from the graves, attacking the living. >> authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living. follow the messages on screen that will be updated as information becomes available. >> what? it did happen. local paper great falls tribune says a handful of confused people called police to see whether it was true or not. it was issued during afternoon programming. the station is trying to find out how this happened. whether your best friend is a dog, a cat or a bird, one missouri businessman says he can